Unfortunately Pemanagpo's performance is cancelled!

Valitettavasti Pemanagpon esitys on peruttu!

Saturday | Lauantai 28.5.

Algorism 2.0

by Pemanagpo

„Algorism 2.0” is a butoh collaboration with Artificial Intellect and a development of the artists’ ongoing exploration of the embodied virtuality (as opposed to virtual embodiment) and the role the AI in art and life of a body-with-organs. Whereas the 1.0 version of Pemanagpo’s “Algorism” was born from a human body of an artist dreaming the dreams of AI trying to become a human; the version 2.0 is actually choreographed by AI, using the non-virtual dancer as their extension, exploring their limits and getting a chance to be embodied in the material world.

The piece is accompanied by AI-generated music