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Friday | Perjantai 27.10.

10 - 12 am | klo 10 - 12

Everything is Vibration

Instructor | Ohjaaja: Kea Tonetti

Live music | Live-musiikki: Tivitavi

Venue | Paikka: PerformanceSirkus, Cable factory, Tallberginkatu 1 A

Register | Ilmoittaudu: helsinkibutohfestival [at]

The matter, the thought, the emotions, the energy, the sound vibrate, this vibration is light and love and manifests itself free in the different forms of the Universe.

Expand your perception of time and space, nourishing the Presence, the state in which we are in contact with the Being and the life. Allow dance to emerge naturally, with your breath, dance touching the deep of human soul, nourish the beauty of the present moment, letting forms become an expression of soul.

The body is a sensitive and wonderful unit, in which all parts communicate harmoniously, containing time and space within its cells, written as archetypes of ancestral memories.

Research the organic movement, coming from your roots, center, skeleton, senses, from inside to outside, nourishing the state in which you are danced. Awaken a natural body, free from social and cultural limitations.

Return to the empty body of the origins, when the body and the being are in contact with this vibrant emptiness, which permeates the creation, we are free to embrace everything, dancing the beauty and the mystery of every life manifestation. The breath expands and you can dance the various manifestations of nature, its cycles, human being; inner landscapes, art images, myths, personal and universal memories.

The birth of a dance can be a moment of opening, where to feel that a big strength and love are released, live the eroticism, the sensuality, the catharsis, the transient nature of beauty and life, the expansion of Consciousness.

The proposed preparatory training for Butoh dance organically interweaves practices from Sensitive Dance® ( a somatic practice born from the meeting between dance and osteopathy ) and various eastern practices.

The workshop will be accompanied by the live music of Tivitavi (tibetan bells, gong,

didgeridoo, drumming, stones, natural sounds, electronic sounds, flutes and voice).

Open to everyone!


Kea Tonetti: Butoh dancer, choreographer and teacher. Her formation in dance started in 1979, trained in classical, modern, contemporary dance and Theater Dance in Italy, New York and Paris.  She met Butoh dance in 2002 and started a formation  with several teachers,  in Europe and Japan, among them: Atsushi Takenouchi, Yoshito Ohno, Seisaku, Yuri Nagaota, Ko Murobushi, Yukio Waguri, Joan Laage, Hisako Horikawa, Masaki Iwana. In 2008  she becomes a Sensitive Dance® teacher, a body practice born from the encounter between osteopathy and dance. Since several years she researches and practices Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra , Psycho-genealogy and the Way of the Tarot cards. In 2008 she founded, with Tivitavi,  Compagniakha,  a Butoh dance company that performed in festivals and theaters in Europe, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine. In 2021 with the performance "Mono", they won the artistic direction award of “Le voci dell’Anima" Festival in Rimini. Since several years she transmits her research in classes and workshops in studio and nature sites, and with Tivitavi they have a studio Spazio Continuum in Milano.

Tivitavi: Sound and visual artist. Since 1991 he follows different Masters from Yoga to Shamanism and he start researching about voice and mantra tecnique. He research in the sound with Djalu Gurruwiwi (didgeridoo), Mari Boine (Lapland singing), Saynko Namcylak (Tuvan throat-singing) and with Albert Rabenstein sound healing with Tibetan bells. He played for Cristobal Jodorowsky during the psicoshamanic rituals. In 2008 he founds  CompagniaKha with Kea Tonetti, producing performances of Butoh dance with live acoustic and electronic music.

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