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Friday | Perjantai 27.10.

7 pm | klo 19

About Blind Contour

Dance and costume | Tanssi ja puku:

Carl Annala


"I thought I could create a drawing on the stage as I performed butoh. While the art is in the performance as a whole, I found the residue, the drawing, is a beautiful piece of abstract art as well. Isn't all drawing, regardless of style, a record of movement in time? With my choreography I'm telling the stories of my ancestors but as their ghosts. Because they are ghosts, their story is somewhat forgotten."


Carl Annala is a multi and cross discipline artist working out of Portland, Oregon. Choosing to take variety as the spice of life, Annala’s art practice includes painting, photography, music, graphics, performance art, cabaret and butoh dance.


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