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Sunday | Sunnuntai 29.10.

Excerpt from a dream diary: Seaofspit

Movement | Liike: Emilia Liimatainen

Sounds & movement | Äänet & liike: Ignata Elana

"…Suspended on the wall trying to evade the figure turning, rotating towards my face pulling the axis in front of the nose. It was like being under a sea of spit, I could feel the weight in my ribs."

Excerpt from a dream diary: Seaofspit is an attempt to explore the obscure bodily sensations, emotions and visions of a dream by entering them through movement and sound.

In the realm of a dream, the meanings of the specific gestures and sounds are unclear, but we feel the importance of them. Is it possible to gain more information about the concealed, strange dream material through embodying it from an attentive, awake state?

Through digging into personal, is there a possibility to enter into something more shared or universal? Is there a place somewhere far below, where human dreams and visions are all touching and interlacing?


Emilia Liimatainen is interested in the moving body in the places where art, healing and mystery overlap. She believes that movement is the means by which transformation on the individual and collective level can happen. Her way of investigating movement is inspired by butoh and other practices that explore the subconscious in the body, such as Authentic Movement.


The main motivating force for Ignata Elana’s practice relates to inhabiting a fluctuating corporeity. She uses different forms of installation, video diaries, and live sets to investigate how bodies respond to restrictive movements in social interactions, isolated dancing, and modifications related to gender identity and states of transition. Using sound arrangements as scores, Ignata’s works thread together private materials such as text, video, voice notes, and photos in different constellations.

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