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Sunday | Sunnuntai 29.10.


by Jaakko Kuikka

The performance is grounded by silence, the bottomlessness of which I try to respect. My direction is to be sensitive to listening to the liminality between immobility and movement and to be sincere about the resulting shapeshifting. 

Central to my approach is the idea of the body and mind as a nest for countless dancing places.


The performance takes place in a space, and the space itself carries within it time and memories that take hold of me. The spectators in the space each bring stories with them, which become part of our interactions.


I aim to be simple, to look at myself through mutual eyes and speak in tongues. For me desire, when becoming visible, is matter being ignited.


Jaakko Kuikka researches the terrains of the body-mind through stillness, movement and sound. He has studied butoh dance with Masaki Iwana, Rhizome Lee and Ken Mai among others. He is currently studying contemporary dance at Ammattiopisto Live.


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