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Thursday | Torstai 26.10.

Purra! / Bite!

by Oona Jama

Duration | Kesto: 10 min

Music | Musiikki:

Carmen, Act 1: "L'amour est un oiseau rebelle" (Carmen, Chorus) (Habanera) + other recorded sounds


This piece sparks out of a personal and actual fantasy where one could break all the exploitative societal structures into pieces and create the world brand new by one bite.  It is a fantasy of destruction and peace. More than anything, it´s an anthem of biting.



Oona Jama is Helsinki- based performer, actor, dancer, director and activist. Oona has lived several years of her life in Barcelona, Spain and different areas of South-America where she studied physical theater and performed and worked with few street theater groups. Oona has a heart of a vagabond and she relies on movement as a concept of life and creation. Currently Oona is studying at Art Academy of Turku in the field of theater arts and pedagogy and working as a physical theater- performer in Kauri Honkakoski Company.

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