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Saturday | Lauantai 28.10.

Stumbling through

by Tuuli Malla & Inari Virmakoski

We dance and pause, listening to each other and speak with our hands and hair and feet about the passing time and about remembering and forgetting, about love. Eyes speak as we remember and forget and wish to stay in the light and the shadows, moving through and giving and taking space.

One body aims to keep balance but sometimes stumbles, another body aims to nearly stumble, remaining at the edge of the balance.

Dancing together is a way of spending more and deeper time together as friends as colleagues. We continue dancing from where we finished a performance in April 2023.


Tuuli Malla is an artist working mostly with performance and sound installations. She enjoys working collaboratively and starts creating by listening to what is already in place.


Inari Virmakoski is a performance and installation artist. Butoh has been often included in her recent performances. Inari has been leading nomadic life and all aspects of life interest her.


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