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Sunday | Sunnuntai 29.10.

7 pm | klo 19



Music | Musiikki: P6 aka Phil Eaglesham

In TREMBLE + WAIT, the audience will embark on an intimate exploration of the complex relationship between illness and the human condition. This performance seeks to illuminate the profound emotional and physical experiences that individuals endure when faced with affliction. The performance delves into the nuances of vulnerability, resilience, and the transformative power of Being Sick. 


Cyan X is a Berlin-based body artist, primarily working in the mediums of Butoh, performance art, and film. Cyan remains preoccupied with the body as a transforming object. They’re concerned with internal and external conditions which affect the body: social conditioning, economy, climate crisis, the supernatural, time, disease, and thought. Cyan has presented work, held residencies, and received awards both domestically and internationally. They continue to create solo pieces and collaborate with a talented array of international artists.

CYAN X Instagram

P6 aka Phil Eaglesham Instagram


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