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Sunday | Sunnuntai 29.10.

Whisper of silence

by Maruska Ronchi

There is a place of deep and quiet heed.

A sanctuary for images to appear,

Silence, ethereal serenade,

In stillness, secrets are conveyed

Within its folds, memories thrive, revealing truths that time derives. Unveiling depths

of a (restless)turbulent abyss, Silence speaks with gentle explosion.

In the absence of sound, melodies rise,

dance allow the void to reveal itself


The idea of this performance is to work on making space and silence inside body and mind, to connect with inner and outer landscapes, and working basically on improvisation and instant composition. 

Finding the empty state to feel the energy of the space and of the audience and play with that, in constant research of deep states and connection. Taking risk, walking on the edge, meeting the unknown.


Maruska Ronchi is an independent butoh dancer, choreographer, performer and teacher.

After graduating in Contemporary dance, she descover Butoh with Atsushi Takenouchi in 2009 and, since then she has been researching under his guidance, and became his assistant in JINEN butoh school in Italy where she had the opportunity to dive deeply into Butoh practice for 13 years. Besides, she met many other important teacher, including Yoshito Ohno, Masaki Iwana, Yumiko Yoshioka, Minako Seki, Carlotta Ikeda, Seisaku, Sankai Yuku. She is developing her own approach to the creative process as an alchemical process of transmutation; She has been invited in many theaters and festivals in different countries in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland), in Canada, Mauritius, Japan and Taiwan, to perform her own pieces and giving workshop. She danced under direction of Atsushi Takenouchi, Joan Laage, and Seisaku. She collaborate with international artists, founding HAIKUMU (with Ursula Pehlke and Willian Lopes), No Sugar, Butoh_Pan Group

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