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Saturday | Lauantai 28.5.

7 pm | klo 19


Mini-"Ladies" Project

by Katia Skylar & Yunjia Liu

Mini-"Ladies" Project is a composition for body and guitar where two archetypical female characters – Mermaid and Medusa are explored through movement and sound. The performance consists of two contemporary solo guitar pieces interpreted by butoh-inspired movement. 

Mermaid, composed by Yunjia Liu, was inspired by H. C. Anderson's fairy tale "The Little Mermaid". The music piece described the love story in three parts: "First Glance", "Destiny", and "Aria of Dissolving - last time singing".

Medusa, composed by the German guitarist-composer Thomas Fellow, described Medusa from the Greek Mythology. Even though cursed by the inevitable power unfairly, even though considered as being evil, she was strong enough to pursue her own freedom.

Katia Skylar is a butoh-dancer, actress (FIA), and performance artist.
Katia’s deep interest lies in exploring body-mind as a whole, the connection between movement, self-being, and creativity. Bodily movement is the core language of her projects, where movement interpretation of a spoken word is created with the physical theatre methods and dance. In terms of the dialogues, she likes to experiment with a multilingual approach.

Yunjia Liu (stage name: J. Hermit) is a freelance guitarist, composer, singer, and producer. She was born in China and studied Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar in Australia and a Master of Music in Germany. She lives in Finland since July 2020. Yunjia Liu’s music is deeply influenced by philosophical ideas such as Minimalism, Taoism, Yin-Yang, and the inspiration of Nature. Her multidisciplinary projects focus on theatre, dance, painting, literature, poetry, etc. Her music style includes free improvisational music, traditional Asian music, classical music, contemporary music, folk music, as well as electronic music. She has been giving concerts in Germany, France, Finland, Hungary, England, Australia, and China.


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