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Sunday | Sunnuntai 15.11.

Recreation of a Dream

by Julie Becton Gillum and Alek

Duration | Kesto: 25 min

Performance is an actual recreation of a dream that involves concepts of giving birth and taking on different roles in a society throughout a life cycle. The performance was created and danced in Istanbul in August 2020.

Julie Becton Gillum has been active in butoh dance since 1997. She has performed at a variety of venues internationally including American Dance Festival, San Francisco Butoh Festival, Seattle Butoh Festival, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (KIPAF). She is currently performing and teaching with Butoh Lantern throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. Gillum is the founder and director of the 14 year old Asheville Butoh Festival in Asheville, NC, USA.


Alek is a somatic researcher. He uses various body practices as inspiration for his creative processes. Deeply interested in posthuman, nonhuman and ahuman movement as well as in connection between spiritual and physical worlds.

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Julie Becton Gillum


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