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Saturday | Lauantai 28.10.

Through the mist

Dance | Tanssi: Cécile Raymond

Music (synthesizers) | Musiikki (syntetisaattorit): Yann Nicolas

Sailing through the mists of life

On my bark, trustworthy companion

Allowing space to spontaneity

Featuring live particles

Swinging back & forth in the atmosphere 


Cecile Raymond trained in Contemporary Dance in Berlin (1996- 2000), (Tanzfabrik), in England (1998-200), (De Monfort University) where she also trained in Alexander Technique, then in Paris (2000- 2004), (Ménagerie de Verre), also in Taï Chi. In 2000 she discovered butoh and trained mostly with Masaki Iwana, but also Katsura Kan, Gyohei Zaitsu, Léone Cats-Baril, Yumi Fujitani, Yoshito Ohno, Carlotta Ikeda, Atsushi Takenouchi, Rhizome Lee, Natsu Nakajima, Yukio Waguri, Yumi Umiumare, …

In the same time she graduated in Dance (BA and MA) at Paris 8 University (2000- 2004). She danced in many contemporary and butoh dance companies.

In 2001 she created Compagnie Transit. The artistic proposal of the Company has developed butoh dance practice and real time composition. Compagnie Transit performs butoh dance in public spaces, or site specific. 

She gives butoh workshops for adults, and dance workshops for children and for special needs people. 

She collaborates with visual artists, musicians, actors, etc... in France and worldwide.

Trained in piano at a young age, Yann Nicolas got his first synthesizer as a teenager. After leaving music aside for a couple of decades, Yann Nicolas came back to music with synthesizers, machines that enable him to design his own sounds, which he uses in his improvisations. His music is airy, inviting the listener to an inward journey.

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